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OPI Nail Gel Color 7.5 ML/0.25 Fl. Oz (GELCOLOR)


In stock

OPI Nail Gel Color, available in bulk for wholesale buyers. Awesome shades that last for weeks and dry in 30 seconds with LED Light. Each bottle contains 7.5 ml / 0.25 Fl oz. This lot includes at least 30 shades that give ultimate shine for 2 weeks. This lot contains:

  • 342 units of  Nail Gel Color 7.5 ml / 0.25 Fl Oz.
  • 9 units of PRO HEALTH BASE COAT 15 ML/0.5 Fl Oz.
  • 9 units of PRO HEALTH TOP COAT 15 ML/0.5 Fl Oz.

Made in the United States

New and in original packaging

Product Details

  • Product Type: Gel Polish.

What’s included

  • 360 units of OPI Nail Gel Color 7.5 ML/0.25 Fl. Oz.


360 Units

$235 USD per unit
Units 360
Weight 50.0 lb


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