NYX Cosmetics lot – 250 Units

Each box does not have a specific quantity per model or product.

USD $425.00

In stock

In stock

Wholesale NYX Cosmetics are available at a fraction of the original retail cost in mix box of 250 units. Excellent value for any seller.

What’s Included

Each NYX box includes the following items, mixed in different quantities:

  • NYX Cheek Contour Duo Palette.
  • NYX Hydra Touch Powder Foundation.
  • NYX Blotting Pressed Powder.
  • NYX Pigments Assorted.
  • NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil.
  • NYX Iluminator Rehausseur D’eclat.
  • NYX lingerie Lip Gloss Assorted Tones.
  • NYX Gel.
  • NYX Lip Smacking Fun Colors.
  • NYX Butter Lipstick Assorted Tones.
  • NYX Butter Gloss.
  • NYX Top Matte Lip Cream Assorted Tones.
  • NYX Eyeliner Pencil and Brows.
  • NYX Lip Liner Pencil.
  • NYX Shadows liquid Glitter.
  • NYX Color Mascara Assorted Green, Purple and Blue.
  • NYX Contour Intuitive Palette.


250 Units

$170 USD per unit

Weight12.0 lb