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Wholesale Nabi Color Fix Blush Palette (AC02-A)


In stock

In stock

Nabi Color Fix Blush Palette. Perfect for personal or professional use with this palette you get the 6 most necessary colors to complete your makeup. Enhance the area of the cheeks and cheekbones with these colors for you. Nabi flushes are available in a wide range of colors and formulas, from translucent to full coverage to give you the perfect touch of color come 8 highly pigmented and durable shades, choose the color that best suits the occasion and looks a beautiful look .

Product Detail

  • Product type: Blush.
  • Beauty Porpouse: Enhances the cheek area and cheekbones.

What’s Included

  • 12 units of Nabi Color Fix Blush Palette.
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12 Units

$220 USD per unit

Weight3.4 lb


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