e.l.f Cosmetics Mix Box of Brush – 37 Units

Each box does not have a specific quantity per model or product.

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In stock

In stock

These are the basic tools for your makeup! That is why Elf brings this mix of brushes with ultrafine synthetic fibers are cut, formed and assembled by hand by artisans for a luxurious experience. This variety of brushes are specifically designed for advanced makeup techniques that help achieve a professional look. This mix contains 37 units with excellent value for any seller.

This cruelty-free brush is made with 100% animal hair-free, synthetic bristles.

What’s Included

Each e.l.f box includes the following items, mixed in different quantities:

  • e.l.f Cosmetics Blending Brush
  • e.l.f Cosmetics Concealer Brush
  • e.l.f Cosmetics Powder Brush
  • e.l.f Cosmetics Blush Brush
  • e.l.f Cosmetics Eyeshadow Brush
  • e.l.f Cosmetics Blending Brush
  • e.l.f Cosmetics Bronzing Brush
  • e.l.f Cosmetics Angled Brush


37 Units

$200 USD per units

Weight3.0 lb