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Wholesale Dabo Facial Sheet Mask Set


In stock

In stock

Get a radiant skin is easy with Dabo Facial Sheet Mask Set, 7 different types, 7.5 mg each:

  • White Pearl Facial Mask, whitening, pure, shining.
  • Snail Gold Facial Mask, renovation, anti-aging, beautiful.
  • Honey Facial Mask, moisture and health of skin.
  • Cucumber Facial Mask, cooling and calming, clean energy.
  • Green Tea Facial Mask, nourishing and vitality.
  • Placenta Facial Mask, vitality and energy.
  • Collagen Facial Mask, lifting up and energy.

Product Details

  • Product Type: Sheet Mask.

What’s included

  • 24 units of Dabo Facial Sheet Mask Set.
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24 Units

$085 USD per unit

Weight1.0 lb

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