////DABO Esfolio Charcoal Pore Control Set

DABO Esfolio Charcoal Pore Control Set

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DABO Esfolio Charcoal Pore Control Set, includes:

Esfolio Facial Mask. That helps your face to be healthier and fresher enriched with volcanic ash.

DABO Cleansing Foam with Charcoal. It is formulated with active carbon that penetrates the pores to the bottom to eliminate impurities.

DABO Charcoal Peeling Gel. Effectively removes dirt, contamination and makeup from the skin with DABO Charcoal you can get the desired texture, formulated for the elimination of impurities.

Product Detail

  • Product type: Facial and Body Hydratation.
  • Beauty Purpose: Skin completely clean and hydrated.

What’s Included

  • 6 or 12 units of  DABO Esfolio Charcoal Pore Control Set.
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6 Units

$1050 USD per unit

12 Units

$1025 USD per unit

Weight7.5 lb15.0 lb

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